Building a Dining Table

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Furniture
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I got really excited when we were about to move into our new home and sold pretty much all of our furniture. I figured that our round dining table just wouldn’t work in the new long and narrow space. I wanted a long rectangular table this time with a bench. But as we looked around at tables I couldn’t find anything that was the size we wanted at an affordable price. That’s when I stumbled across my new favorite blog: A brilliant website full of FREE furniture plans all in terms I could understand 🙂 The dining table we ended up building is a knockoff of the Modern Farmhouse West Elm table that sells for $599 and benches are $299ea. We build our 8ft long version w/ 2 benches for a total of $150 in lumber and a couple nights of work 🙂 Plus we learned some new skills along the way and had fun working together while the baby was asleep.

I would recommend sanding and staining the boards BEFORE assembling though which we learned after we already had finished our table and couldnt’ get the stain in the cracks. This table might just get a few more coats of poly and head outside to be our patio table instead or maybe we should sell it on Craigslist and make another one.

Here is a picture of the final product (I’ll have to include pictures of the process with our next piece of furniture). What do you think? Anyone else inspired to build something?

Table and Benches that we built

  1. Jen Conner says:

    way to go kelly and dave! that looks awesome!

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