Sunday…Some call it the day of rest?

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Backyard
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Making concrete pavers

Here is a sneak peek at our patio that we started ‘building’. It used to be a brick patio but after the snow melted we realized that 1/4 of the bricks were missing and placed throughout the front yard as stepping stones in the garden (you never know what you’ll get w/ a  foreclosure especially when you buy in the winter). Another 1/4 of the patio was crushed by the bulldozer that my dear husband used to ‘fix’ the rest of the back yard…We’ll save the bulldozing story for another day…for now we concentrate on the patio.

Check back  for the full ‘how to’ and hopefully a nearly complete patio!

UPDATE: As usual I was a bit more ambitious than my body and we only finished 1/2 of the patio BUT we (Dave!) did pick up 12 more 60# bags of concrete to keep the project alive.


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