Kitchen Bling…where we scored our cheap stainless steel appliances

Posted: August 4, 2010 in kitchen
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Upgrading to stainless steel appliances is a MUST in a kitchen reno. Especially since we plan to sell this place in a couple years and it was just months ago that we were the ones house hunting and ‘ooo’ing and ‘ahh’ing about any house w/ stainless steel decorating their kitchen.

So here’s how we did it (with a little research & muscle) for $1,875 (could have been much less if we didn’t go quite so fancy) rather than $4000 bundle package we would have had to buy at the appliance store.

We scoured the clearance sections of all the local home improvement stores (weekly), and (daily) and allowed at least a few weeks to truely find the right appliances for us.

Here’s the breakdown:

$900 french door refridgerator with freezer below and water tap inside (Craigslist) After quickly learning that many cheap but fancy refridgerators on Craiglist are cheap because they are on the 4th floor of a condo with no access to an elevator…we started asking everytime a great deal popped up. They swore this one was on the 1st floor of a townhome…but failed to mention that it was a split level so the “1st floor” really did have stairs (guess we should have been more specific?!). Dave and our bro-in-law managed to fanagle this large refridgerator down the stairs then remove the doors to get it out of the house, meanwhile putting huge gash in front door of townhome…oops). Well, it arrived in one piece into our kitchen and looks beautiful.

Maytag Fridge (yikes, it looks dirty)

$125 dishwasher (Craiglist). This just popped up on Craigslist one morning while Dave and his dad were driving down to Sears outlet to pick up our dryer and it happened to be on their way (sort of) so I told the owner that we would be right over. I figured that if it worked like they said it did, it was a great deal. We didn’t hook it up until a month later and prayed it would work…and I’m happy to announce our dishes are as clean as ever!

Kenmore dishwasher

$570 gas stove/convection oven with fancy cast iron grates and stainless steel handles (Sears Outlet). This was the sweetest victory of all because we ‘stole’ it right out from under another seemingly sweet couple who were going to buy it but clearly hadn’t been scouring the market like us (we knew a good deal when we saw one at this point and even the store mgr was surprised by the price). The other couple had run over to Best Buy to check prices there first but came back for this stove. Yes! We won by a mere minute 🙂

Kenmore Range

Last but not least…$280 over the range microwave (Lowes). We thought we had a good buy picking up a seemingly great microwave in the clearance section that was just missing a piece. I ordered the piece, but when we tried to install it we realized there was some damage in the inside that wouldn’t allow the screws to hold the microwave…so it went back to the store and we just bought a different one off the shelf. Full price..boooo! But we did follow the directions and hang it all by ourselves…so proud!

Whirlpool Microwave

Anyone else trying to upgrade appliances or want to share your favorite appliance shopping locations?

How do you clean your stainless appliances…as you can see I need some help in that area LOL. Got a hint yesterday that Orange Glo might help. What do you use?

  1. Kendra Marino says:

    Kelly, great work!!! Your house is looking absolutely fabulous! As for cleaning stainless steel, I just heard of a product call Barkeeper’s Friend (I think that’s the name, close to it if not exact). My mother in law swears by it and was able to find it for about $3 at a hardware store!

  2. Nikki P says:

    NICE WORK!! This years project was the bathroom, but I’m hoping to upgrade the kitchen a bit next year and you have inspired me to REALLY shop around! 🙂

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