Buh Bye, House Key!

Posted: August 5, 2010 in DIY
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Keypad entry

Deadbolt lock from the inside

Oh, how I love our new keyless entry deadbolt lock. I know its a tiny little feature and we haven’t even updated the ugly door or gold door handle to match. But I just have to mention it since Ican’t stop smiling everytime I use this thing!

And, I realize if you have a garage entry and don’t use house keys this is not nearly as exciting to you….but for the rest of us, worth every penny (which was just $65 by the way)!

We have never been very organized and have a hard enough time keeping track of each set of car keys (since for some reason we only have 1 key for each car?!). And now that we have a kid to tote around it has become so much simpler to be able to just push a few buttons rather than dig out the keys and fanagle them into the lock while carrying 3 bags and a baby.

Did I mention, it also has ‘smartkey’ technology which allows us to set it to any key we want to use (like our already existing side door key) if you prefer that sort of thing.

The Install: Dave installed it on his own w/o any trouble. Just take a mental note on if you have a separate deadbolt or if its part of the handle since they offer both options and its a simple switcheroo if you keep it the same.

And if you want to be SUPER sweet…you could get a keypad with fingerprint technology starting around $150. Geez, get with the times and go buy one already! HAHA


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