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Spray painting EVERYTHING

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Backyard, DIY

Obsessed. That would describe my new feeling about spraypaint. After spray painting our master bathroom mirror frame, bed, and headboard all in mocha brown I’ve moved on to Gloss White (and now metallic colors). I painted a set of picture frames (filled w/ colorful pictures of our garden’s flowers) which will be going up on the wall very soon and today I went shopping in my own garage and discovered outdoor hanging planters that were all different colors…and red vases that didn’t quite match our new color scheme…lightbulb moment!…spray them. Here are the BEFORE pics:


AFTER: with colorful mums

Next painting project was my red vases…glossy blue or metallic…hmm!? (UPDATE: decision made…discovered  metallic blue and metallic charcoal colors so here are the pics)

BEFORE: (pretty but didn't match the rest of the house)

Sprayed on primer so the paint would be sure to stick...looks good like this too though

Blue and gray metallic vases AFTER painting

Things I’ve learned:

1-Clean off any dust/dirt that is on the item to be painted

2- wipe it dry

3-don’t wear any clothes or shoes that you love unless you are willing to get a light dusting of paint on them

4-work outside (or VERY well ventilated area) unless you feel like ingesting toxic chemicals and feeling all loopy afterward.

5-Let it dry then check if a second coat is needed…be patient.

6-Enjoy your NEW gift! 

What have you spraypainted? Are you thinking of anything around the house that could use a fun new color? Do share….


Making concrete pavers

Here is a sneak peek at our patio that we started ‘building’. It used to be a brick patio but after the snow melted we realized that 1/4 of the bricks were missing and placed throughout the front yard as stepping stones in the garden (you never know what you’ll get w/ a  foreclosure especially when you buy in the winter). Another 1/4 of the patio was crushed by the bulldozer that my dear husband used to ‘fix’ the rest of the back yard…We’ll save the bulldozing story for another day…for now we concentrate on the patio.

Check back  for the full ‘how to’ and hopefully a nearly complete patio!

UPDATE: As usual I was a bit more ambitious than my body and we only finished 1/2 of the patio BUT we (Dave!) did pick up 12 more 60# bags of concrete to keep the project alive.