Resurfacing Success

After some debate on if we should leave the rough island countertop as is (not like its falling apart, or terribly ugly. It’s just a little more ‘rustic’ than the rest of the kitchen), we have come to the conclusion that we would like to resurface it with a thin topcoat of concrete resurfacer. Keep in mind that there are many other options such as: sanding it more (this was too dusty for us),  renting a wet grinder (sounded complicated and possibly messy), or even sealing it w/ a thick epoxy (also seemed a little beyond our skill level but would leave a really fancy, shiny appearance).  

So here is the process:

Looks and feels 100% better than before. I guess concrete isn’t so bad afterall…great how you can ‘fix’ the problems created by being inexperienced.

Anyone else starting to think you might be daring enough to give this project a try?! I’d love to hear…

  1. […] out the Resurfacing Page  for pics of the process or the original concrete countertop page if you haven’t seen that […]

  2. […] was half a bag left of concrete resurfacer (the same stuff we used to fix our kitchen counters here). Its meant to be used as sort of a concrete band-aid but we figured since it bonded so well to […]

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