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I’ve had my eye on an outdoor table that is an odd height. Its taller than a standard coffee table (so you would still feel comfortable eating a meal there) but lower than a dinner table (so you still feel like you are lounging). So of course we wanted to build it ourselves. 
We picked up a 3×5 sheet of cement board (the stuff behind the tile in your shower so it wont rot like plywood) and we already had some 4×4 legs from a failed bathroom vanity (we’ll share that later in a ‘DIY Duds’ post that is in the works). In order to hide the cement board, we decided to make a form out of 1x4s we had laying around and pour a slab on top. We also picked up (3) 12″x12″ sheets of green glass at Hobby Lobby to inlay into the top (wouldn’t be exciting enough if we didn’t include some type of experimental factor!).  Here’s a pic of its current state:

Outdoor concrete table form


 Check back soon for the results! 

We will be pouring the slab today then it needs to set (we are usually too anxious to wait longer than 1 day to remove the molds), then we’ll probably need to fill any edges that didn’t turn out perfect, followed by the final step of staining the concrete and paint/poly the legs. So I’m sure it will be complete later this week! Wish us luck (sure hope this project doesn’t end as a DIY Dud). 

UPDATE: Well, it looks pretty good (I better put a picture up soon)…BUT (and that’s a BIG but!) It took WAY more bags of concrete than we were expecting so it weighs about 360 lbs. How are we going to move that around?! Ugh! Not sure if we will reinforce its base and keep it or scrap it (use it as the foundtion the outdoor fireplace we want?!) hmmm…

Our baby dancing at the new table

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Making concrete pavers

Here is a sneak peek at our patio that we started ‘building’. It used to be a brick patio but after the snow melted we realized that 1/4 of the bricks were missing and placed throughout the front yard as stepping stones in the garden (you never know what you’ll get w/ a  foreclosure especially when you buy in the winter). Another 1/4 of the patio was crushed by the bulldozer that my dear husband used to ‘fix’ the rest of the back yard…We’ll save the bulldozing story for another day…for now we concentrate on the patio.

Check back  for the full ‘how to’ and hopefully a nearly complete patio!

UPDATE: As usual I was a bit more ambitious than my body and we only finished 1/2 of the patio BUT we (Dave!) did pick up 12 more 60# bags of concrete to keep the project alive.