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Concrete Countertop Resurfacing Update!

Using a concrete resurfacer was a success…a messy success! And the cats didn’t help with this kind of troublemaking:  

Paw print..don't worry we fixed it


Last night Dave decided to resurface the island top (he did the bar top 2 nights ago which went smoothly). This time the mix was really wet and spilled over the edges ALL OVER the cabinets (which were not tarped this time since we had virtually no mess w/ the bar top). Fortunately it all wiped off perfectly…I was worried that the sand in the mix would scratch the cabinets as we wiped it off. Phew! Thankful for tough cabinet doors.  

Check out the Resurfacing Page  for pics of the process or the original concrete countertop page if you haven’t seen that yet.